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Thursday, 10 April 2014

Top free image editing softwares

I have rounded up 10  free image editing softwares which  really works great in enhancing our pictures. Most of bloggers professional or amateurs want their images to look real good. Though Adobe Photoshop is good but for beginners it can be a daunting task. Below is the list of some easy and good image editing programmes  in random order.

1) Pixlr
source: pixlr

This site not only helps you edit your pictures, but also give special effects. One of the best I came across with all the features and on top its free.

2) Fotoflexer

source: fotoflexer

The best online  image editor  which allows you to enhance your images which a normal photoshop can and its extremely easy to use it. You can use different fonts and create effects to make your image look astonishing.

3) Fotor
source: fotor
  Fotor allows you to edit and enhance your images, make collages, do a retouch on the pictures and much more. It is simple and easy to use program online and since I have used this on my blog, I know it works wonders for the pictures.


 Edit your photos with multi functional editor of pho,to. Redo the pics to remove any imperfections in the photos.  Create fun photos and use fun frames and collages. One of the best sites I have come across is this.

5) Picmonkey
source: picmonkey

Easy to use and edit, touch up, make collage or redo the pictures. However it has basic features but good for amateurs.

6) Gimp
  GIMP is the GNU Image Manipulation Program. It is free software which can be downloaded and it works as good as adobe photoshop.  It is used to enhance picture quality or do touch ups. It can be used in any operating system.

7) piZap

source: pizap

Easy to use  for editing your pics and using props. You can also make collages from this site.

8) Picadilo
source: picadilo
 Picadilo's choice of editing tools consists of many different and unique instruments to help you in getting the results you want:  It has brushes, selections, effects and much more that has the power to enhance photographs. It is free and no need to register. You can make nice collages too from here.

9) Befunky
source: befunky
 BeFunky Photo Editor lets you apply photo effects, edit photos and create photo collages with collage maker. It is free and  easy to use program online. The effects you can create on your images is amazing.

10) Lunapic

source: lunapic

 This is one of the site I have used a lot in the past. It has many features to create many effects.animation and collages with wonderful backgrounds. Over the years the look has changed but it still remains favourite site.

I am sure you all have more favourite sites. Please share  in comments below what is your favourite.
Also in my previous post I had shared image hosting sites. Do check that too.


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