Friday 4 April 2014

Top ten free photo hosting websites

You have loads of  pictures and photographs you want to save or share online. Maybe you have a blog or website and you need to upload high quality pictures but the data usage exceeds. So you need some place where you can upload your photos for storage and sharing. Below are top ten sites I found useful. What is more they are free and some of them have large capacity to store photographs.

1) Imageshack
Top of the list is Imageshack as it not only offers unlimited free space but also it has full support and no ads. You can sign up and save all your photos in this site and use them on blog or websites.

2) Imgur
This site has limited space but it is useful for sharing on social networking sites as well as blogs and websites. Register and store all your pictures in one place.

3) Photobucket
This is the best I found and it gives 2 GB of free storage or space available for your original photo files, or videos under 10min. It also gives free photo editor to enhance the quality of the pics.

4) Picassa
From  google, it offers free usage upto 1Gb.After that for additional usage the costs are :
10Gb: $20 per year
40Gb: $75 per year
150Gb: $250 per year
400Gb: $500 per year
It is the fastest and easiest sharing options from  google.
It offers 10 MB File Size Limit,Unlimited Uploads, and it is easy to use. Read the FAQs on the site to know more.
A good site to upload and store your images. It also gives link to embed in your blog posts.

7) Free image hosting
You can upload and store your images here and get a code to use on the blogs or websites.The site runs on several dedicated linux web servers. Registration is not required, but creating an account lets you manage your uploads and use other extra feature

8) Mejuba
A relatively new site, I  have not used this but when I was searching for stuff I found this one to be good. It has unlimited usage. It also lets you transfer your photos from other sites.

9) Photodekho
Another new site  which I found during my research. You can have an unlimited number of albums on Not only this, each album uploaded by you may have any number of photos. Adding more to this feature, every photo will get uploaded no matter how big it is (in other words, there is no limit to photo-size too). Hence you can keep on updating your collection with time without worrying about the availability of storage.

10) Tinypic 
Among the best is tinypic hosting site. Some years back tinypic had removed a lot of images from their sites. But  currently it is perfect to host and store images. You need to sign in to keep your images and share via link on the blogs, forums or websites.

Note: Personally I would prefer photobucket, imageshack and imgur over others. The above info is based on some of my own experience with some sites and some is plain research info. Try it as you find it fit.


  1. What about OneDrive from Microsoft for photo sharing? :)

  2. Also it has 8GB space OneDrive :)


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