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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Top ten summer essentials

Summer is here now and with heat and perspiration everyone gets uncomfortable. If you are on the move you need things to keep yourself cool. Below is the list I found useful.

1) Sunscreen
Hot summer sun can cause lot of trouble for skin. Use good quality sunscreen to prevent sunburn and tanning. Take care not to let it go in eyes and wash with cold water in case it goes in eyes. Apply 20 minutes before going out in sun.  If you are sweating a lot, make sure to apply it again after two hours.

2) Sunglasses
Too much exposure to sun can cause damage to eye tissues. Over exposure to UV radiation can cause blindness. Invest in good quality sunglasses to protect the eyes.

3) Hat
I have seen personally lot of people use sun hat. It is essential to keep scalp cool to prevent heat strokes. Part of face where we cant apply sunscreen and the hat helps cover it. Most ladies use their duppatta or sari to  cover the heads when in high noon heat.

4) Cotton clothes
Soft cotton clothes are essential for everyone and best choice for summer wear. It allows sweat to evaporate quickly and it keeps skin dry.

5)Water bottle
When we sweat, we lose lot of fluid and minerals from body causing dehydration and muscle fatigue. We must take care to drink water at regular intervals.

6) Footwear
Good quality sweat absorbent footwear should be chosen. Sweating would make your feet swell and also make sure to use dry and clean footwear or dampness and unclean footwear may cause fungal infections leading to bad odour.

7)Face wash
Sweating is main reason for rashes and sun burns. During hot summers a good quality face wash would keep you clean and fresh a longer time. You may have to use it few times in a day to get rid of dirt and sweat in face.

8) Lip balms
The heat dries up the moisture from lips leaving us with chapped lips. Use good quality lip balms to ensure the moisture and prevent chapping and dry lips

9) Face wipes
You are walking down the road and its hot and sweaty. You take out your handkerchief but its still not clean. That is when handy perfumed face wipes work. They help to get rid of all dirt and sweat which causes black heads. 

10) Anti antiperspirant deo
I prefer this besides all the above items when I go out in hot sun. It keeps sweat and body odor away. Very handy item in our bags.

Hope you liked this article and I am sure you all have your own list of summer essentials. Do share in comments below.


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