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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Top ten uses and benefits of Microwave oven

In today's world the microwave has become a necessity for every household. Be it baking, defrosting, heating or cooking, the versatile microwave oven works great. We do not need many gadgets or cutlery to cook in microwave. There are many varieties available in market with various sizes. Below is the list I found useful when I bought my own Microwave oven.

1) It saves time:
In today's fast paced life, not all have time to cook and besides many ready to eat meals are available in market. You can cook, reheat or boil several things in short time. That is one reason microwave ovens are very popular in households.

2) It retains nutrients:
I think not all may agree but  food is cooked in oven using heat waves and hence it saves on lost nutrients which are essential for our health.

3) It is easy to clean:
The best thing about this is you do not need too many utensils to cook and you can use special oven proof  utensil. Choose time and mode and your food is cooked. The food does not stick to these vessels and hence cleaning is quite easy.

4) Steaming and boiling:
In any cuisine there is always boiling and steaming and the microwave oven does this job perfectly well. We can always boil on stove top but in microwave oven the boiling is done quicker and evenly.

5) Blanching:
When fresh vegetables are available,blanching and freezing them  for later use works great if blanching is done in microwave oven. It not only blanches fast but it also retains food nutrient value.

6) Roasting:
This is the best option to roast popcorn, garlic or maybe nuts. All you need is to set time on the oven and put whatever you need to roast. and its done. Indian cooking uses roasting method a lot and hence its helpful feature.

7) Grilling:
Almost every oven has the grill feature. You can grill sandwiches, pizzas or any food item. Buying a separate griller won't be necessary at all. Just set the time and your are done.

8) Defrosting:
Usually most people put the frozen item at room temperature to defrost. Or they put it under water to defrost faster. But with microwave oven you can defrost easily without wasting nutrients or water. Just put the frozen food in microwave safe bowl and set the defrost button. 

9) Baking:
Now a days almost everyone bakes a lot of dishes in microwave oven. Be it cakes, bread or any other dishes. Most ovens come with the oven safe kit and there are many other oven proof glass ware to use too. You have a craving for quick cake. Make 2 min cake in oven much faster than anything else. Cook simple cake or muffins or any fance cakes or bake variety of cookies. The microwave oven does it all

10) Re heating:
This is the best one again as with busy schedules, many people cook the food early and keep it. Those who come in late can always just re heat the food in jiffy. The food reheated on stove top may get soggy or spoiled but with oven it can be done in matter of few mins.

The above are few things I have found useful to do with my oven. I am sure many of you have known many useful things. Do share in your comments below.


  1. Apke Oven mein eh sab menu available hai? :)

  2. Convection oven is really very useful in our daily routine.


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