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Thursday, 13 March 2014

Top ten things to carry while travelling

So vacations are about to start and you are planning to travel. But there are some essentials one need to pack while traveling. I know I always end up forgetting something, so first I make list of things which need to be done and then another list of things to pack. Below are some of the things  I make sure to carry.

1) Essential Medicines
Top most on my list is necessary medicines to carry. for example paracetamol or anti vomit tablets.Travel sickness can occur anytime. Along with it necessary items for cleanliness like  soap, santizer etc. Here, I do carry a small pack of needle, thread and scissors which can come in handy if there is tear in any garment.

2) Mobile and charger
You do not want to end up with no means of communication and dead battery in your cell phone. Must have these fully ready.

3) Snacks
If you have kids with you, make sure to carry sufficient snacks while travelling along with extra pair of clothes for them. It is good for everyone to avoid acidity and uneasiness and time also flies while munching on something light and easily digestable.

4) Camera
You do not want to miss out on beautiful memories or any lovely scenery you see on the way. You get to preserve a life time memory of wonderful places you visit and the fun you had.

5) Towels
Always needed when travelling. When on the move, health and hygiene play important role and to have a clean towel is a must. 

6) Water bottle
People tend to forget handy water bottle when travelling. People think we can get water anywhere but its always safe to carry our own bottle from home to avoid expensive or unhealthy water to drink.

7) A diary or a journal
So you have gone to a lovely place and seen wonderful things. You may like to note down details of customs, traditions or even cuisine. A diary comes in handy for this.

8) Money
Ahaa- the most important part of travelling. Carry enough money or credit or debit cards which come in handy. Don't want to get stranded with no money for anything.

9) Torch
I always carry torch with batteries, just in case there is power cut or black out. Along with it matches and candles for emergency use.

10) A padlock
Security and safety comes first. A small padlock to lock your bags and belongings. Mind gets diverted to safety of things and won't let us enjoy the moments. Must have item on the list while travelling.

Hope you all liked this article. I am sure everyone has their own list of things to carry while travelling. Do share what you like to carry when you travel.


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